kg How to Start a business

How to Start a business

How to start a new business 2018/2019
How to Start a business
Starting a new business is not as hard as it sounds, to you, you might want to start a new business that is paying even before the establishment
There's nothing wrong with that, you’ve got a great idea, so get it done quickly, but how will this happen so fast even if you have the whole money in the world
The holy book says money answers all things, but you have your own role to play, so the money can also ask and answer your questions or any problem you'll encounter

Why people fail to start their business
The fear of the business not working
How much money should I invest?
They don’t believe in themselves
What should I sell?
How will the customers come?
How will I sell?
1.    The fear of the business not working will always remain constant. And tend to make people shy away from what they can do; they always want to compare themselves with a business that has been on ground for like say 10-20 years.
2.    How much money should I invest: you don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands, some business needs just a little, to begin with, for instance opening a small eatery, you’ll only need few seats, advertisement what to cook, and that will do for startups
3.    They don’t believe in themselves: what on earth will make someone feel inferior? That will be a discussion for another day, what is worth doing is worth doing well, break the jinx and do what you have to do  
4.    What do I sell:- Sell what is lacking in your environment, that is why you need to do your market research before anything else. The skill you have is all over your environment. Then make yours different, work on a new way of welcoming your clients work on something new all the time  
5.    How will customers come:- This is like the strongest of them all, but the easiest to get, do a proper advert, higher an expert to do this use both video and audio adverts, do some price slash, give the best service and your clients will recommend their family and friends 

Every business is liable to stop:-
I. When Mismanagement comes in
II. When you don’t do a market survey
III. When you don’t trust your workers
IV. When you want to render all services all by yourself
Note: All this are fears that I always call mirage, they are not real, the moment you start that same instant you'll see them fading away.
How to start a new business
Here I will guide you on how to start a business anywhere any time, using what you have so you won’t run into debt.
Starting a new business is as easy as drinking water if you follow these simple steps.
Please note: This guide might to work for you if you don’t go all out to make it happen. “Dreams will still be a dream if you don’t make adequate plans to pursue it”
Before starting any business you must first be ready to start, you believe in yourself 100%.
        Clearly write down all your business plans, because a business without a plan has failed 75% already.
1.  Write out your business plan:- “He who fails to plan plans to fail” we all believe in this quote but fail to put it into proper use, before you start a business you need to do a rough plan or sketch about the business.
2.    Scout: - If your proposed business will need a shop, you’ll have to go all out to look for a proper place where your business will be celebrated, where your targeted market is and so on.
3.  Solve a problem:- For every problem solved you earn a mark, imagine people going like 5km to get a particular service and you can offer that same service very close to them, you’ll definitely earn from it.
4.  Make it legal:- Any business that does not have legal backing is just like a bread that is half-baked, we all know what will happen to the bread

Types of business you can start in 2018/2019   
Online shop
Drop shipping
Dry cleaning