kg Happy Birthday Mum

Happy Birthday Mum

Happy Birthday Pastor Bina Frederick 

Bina Frederick
If the words put together by anyone on earth can describe the way you've changed our lives then, the words are mere words, you've nurtured and given us the right meal and the right time.

mummy you've been a huge blessing to us and indeed the world, your everyday life is a lesson to all ladies and guys inclusive, I am a complete product of your mentoring.
TRH Nigeria
Thank you for being there for all always,
for showing us the right path.
Thank you for always showering your love on us
Thank you for not turning deaf ears on us
when we needed your advice,
and thank you for always caring about our health and total well-being.
Thank you for always encouraging us and rebuking us when we err
and the push to do things we've never done before.
Thank you for giving us 
something to stake our lives on.
The word of God
Thank you for always loving us equally
and promoting our talents and skills.
Thank you for always telling us
what's wrong and what's right,
and thank you for helping us on the path to life.
TRH Nigeria
Mummy we love and words cannot accurately express our heartfelt gratitude towards you.

Thank you, mummy, for yielding to Gods call
Thank you for supply strength to daddy 
Thank you for making us your own
TRH Nigeria
We are grateful Ma.
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