Meet the Zenith Bank Muslim Worker That married a Christian

History is always repeating itself, here at Ofofomedia we are always here to keep you abreast with all the latest happenings in town,  on Saturday 17th June a new history was created in Kogi state where two lovebirds from different religion and tribe proved to the world that love can break all jinx and barriers.
Nigeria Wedding
Mr. Buchi from the prestigious Igbo kingdom proved his love for Princes Fatima from the great Idah kingdom on 15th of June

2018. The  Wedding which brought two communities together became the talk of the town,
their story is quite a unique one, an interview via phone call with Princess Fatima she said they meet at Caritas, one hundred level, Same faculty same course, just imagine both in the same LH (Lecture hall) since then the love grew from been friends to lovers from lovers to husband and wife, perfect love story, the perfect match.
Presently She works with Zenith Bank while Mr. Buchi is currently based in Lagos doing fine