kg Marriage: Things you wont get

Marriage: Things you wont get

A wise man will always say to me that Marriage is between two imperfect people looking unto the perfect God for perfection

According to the English Dictionary Marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship
Every marriage contains its share of challenges. There will be difficult seasons in even the happiest of unions. It might be an overstatement to compare marriage to a Shoprite, but even a healthy relationship is like a country road, with its twists and turns and occasional dips.

Three things Marriage does not promise you
1. Happiness: happiness is a result of pleasant happenings around you, like someone getting you a gift, buy a phone, a car etc and it is worthy of note that happiness is different from joy, Joy is from deep within an cannot be affect by the happenings round.
Things don't always go rosy in marriage, there are up and down but you re the one to decorate and make you marriage a pleasant one
If you must have a wonderful life in marriage you better not allow your happiness come from your spouse, don't depend on your spouse always choose to be happy.
Pleasant things will happen that will make you happy but don't tie your life to that because unpleasant things my happen the next moment, so you must have shock absorb-er (Pst B) absorb it and move on normally
Primarily nobody is responsible to make you happy so you have to fashion your own happiness, what makes you happy differ so make yourself hppy but not at the detriment of your spouse

2. An escape route: If because of chores at home or other stuffs you try to run and think marriage is an escape route mhen am so sorry for you because marriage ain’t an escape route, so enjoy all your single moments and be happy with yourself
Be responsible because marriage is full of responsibilities so you have to train yourself to be use to these responsibilities knowing fully well that more awaits you when you're married.
Note: Marriage is not a refuge for challenges; you will only exchange smaller challenges for a higher one

3. Marriage does not promise you eternal life: This race is individualistic in nature marrying a spiritualist does not make you spiritual


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