Making The most out of Long distance Relationship

Distance relationships!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty interesting topic right????

Well long distance relationships may seem funny to some persons if you've ever told them you're into such relationship, many will  think you are just been naughty some might even advice you to quit and look for someone close by.
Many people go into this type of relationship for different reasons best know to them In fact I have a friend who meet this guy on Facebook they began talking got close and all he stays in port harcourt while she stays in Abuja,they got to see each other with the love growing strong even as he went back to Port Harcourt after his visit well let me pause on the story for a while and go into the main topic today....
 I won't want to say am advising you to be in or keep a long distance relationship because it might not work for you,if you don't know how to stay away from what or who you love.
 Long distance relationships overtime is encouraged by Online dating and dating site, where you just meet someone you don,t know and start falling for his/her personalities and at the long run becomes your soul mate 

am not a marriage counselor or "The Love guru" majority of  the things written here are my personal research,experience and discovery.
Here are Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work
1. Don’t Take Anything For Granted
ye! this is where we all have a fall out or we always feel it's not important to tell the other person whats up or your next move. always tell whats going on, where you will be or what you are going to do there and if something should come in between always remember to put a call or text across.always listen and take things seriously when a message is passed you never know they may be trying to tell you things codedly
2. Compromise 
When you do get to actually spend time together then understand that the other person might want to go out instead of staying in, eating home cooked meal or eating out, don't be the boss let the atmosphere take over, don,t bring your personal mood into it,m take some selfies and make some videos to make the moments memorable, laugh over her/his silly jokes and always keep in mind that the moments is short and wont last forever.

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Enjoy The Moments
No relationship is made in heaven either close or far once..
Learn to remain calm and easy going in other not to make it difficult and boring hot both of you....dont jump into
Unnecessary conclusion if you do not hear from them for a while it could be they are trying all efforts to get to you too... dont compare your relationship with others trust me that's a fast killer of any relationship..
Enjoy every moment and make it work
 4. Communication 
A big part of making a long distance relationship work is communication,
Distance they say makes the heart fonder but communication brings it talk to each other about what works for you and what doesn’t. At least that way there’s no sudden surprises for either of you!
Share pictures and funny moments like voice notes and short video clip
No matter how busy you are create time even if it's just to drop a three line sentence it means so much
Trust me there are always friends around talking about their Boo or Bae sending the text,video clips or call dont make your date feel Lonely and begin to drift....women are fascinated by what they hear so try to make it a point of duty each day to tell her how special she is and how lucky you are to have her in your life....Ladies always know that Men are moved by what they see try sending them pictures often and then......try to increase your talk time in the night and don't forget to say good morning when it's dawn
Now back to my will be amazed if I tell you that my friend is now married to this guy who lives in Port Harcourt that she meet on Facebook and they are bless with a bouncing baby boy named after her Husband!!!!!!!
Interesting right???
Why not make your work stay strong and keep praying so help you God

 Have anything to add to this article please send us a mail or share them in a comment below wel'd love to see your ideas!


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