If you don't have marriage in view for the next two years don't court 

Things to know during courtship 
Courtship is a time of discoveries (Agreement with you and your partner )  emotions, spiritually, physically and otherwise
 -Participate in a variety of activities together. pray, go out for dinner etc. Get involve in ministry together. -Get to know each other families (background check)
 -Don't approach marriage with prejudices or wrong notion about in-laws

Courtship is not a license for a lady to cast all your burdens on the guy (don't be beggarly)....
if possible as a lady don't ask the guy for anything..... as a guy care for her don't wait for her to ask... -

During Courtship you rehearse everything (apart from Sex) be care here.
A decision to enter into courtship is not a commitment to marry -Note courtship is 50/50....

Marriage only takes place where both of you agree with everything above

 How to keep Romance flowing in marriage 
Romance is the little little things you do or refuse to do that keeps your partner happy about you (find out what your partner is crazy about and do it for her surprisingly)

 1. Kind and romantic word from both partners in the public and in private (Let her know she's the best for you and let him know he is the most perfect man for you) -Any man that cannot carry his wife's bag is wicked.

 2. Assist her in some domestic assignment (Cook for her, help her during the laundry, change the baby diapers) .. Ladies do not take a man that do such things as a fool -You married a wife not a servant

3. Unannounced surprise or surprises (This turns on Romance)

4. Be excited about touching that part of your partner that makes her/him feels communicated to. *Every body must bring something to the table of preparation