ACCIDENT: Along NIWA Headquarters Hydro Junction

There was a terrible accident along lokoja highway this happened today at about 5Oclock when the weather was cloudy the the wind was terrifying raising dust, destroying properties and causing a lot of damage the terrible wind had uprooted a old dead and dry tree that was standing in front of Kogi State Council for Arts and Culture along Hydro  Junction, NIWA road as at the time the tree was falling a bike man carrying a pregnant woman and a Keke driver carrying for other passengers where under it. The tree fell on them killing the pregnant woman on the bike instantly leaving the bike man terribly injured and gasping for breath.
The Keke driver was swift that he was able to stop the Keke but in the process of running out the tree fell on them leaving all of them injured, it will be a miracle if we can have four survivors from this accident.
See video of our reporters below.


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