i love u
Love is the most trending happening now, you go on Facebook Instagram, Twitter and so on and see post of people trying to profess their love. 

Now what is Love Love is understanding the perfect and accurate knowledge or value of a thing or person and appreciating it, Love is an emotional attachment towards someone and doing everything possible to make that special someone happy Some guy find it difficult to walk up to a lady and say how much they love her, they fidget when they see her, they tend to go shy when they hear she's passing by, they loss courage and hope seeing her with another guy or over hear a guy talking about her. Some guys are very comfortable speaking to a lady online (Chat), they can't call her on phone for over 1 hour, still yet fail to hit the nail on the head Now here are some few tips to guide you Love and infatuation are two different road that can't meet, if you love a lady its normal when you fidget but not cool when you fail to express your love to her. Permit me to say find your "Niche" if you're the online type do more talking online, introduction is vital, tell her about you but don't lie, play games with her (Truth or Dare) call her when she's not online, and when calking don't call with the intentions of making her come online, call to know how she's doing, how her day was.

This few tips will help
#1 Be her close buddy
always be the first and the last person she'll always want to talk with, play around her, pet her, encourage her, make her laugh always, assist her with her chores if necessary.
Tell her about a great place you’ve tried or a new movie that’s in town and ask her to accompany you. You’re still a friend, so you can urge her to accompany you even if she’s thinking twice! 
Now that she likes your company, avoid being a pushover or being too easily available for her. She likes spending time with you already, so you need to make her miss you and want to have you with her when you aren’t around so she’s eager to spend time with you. (Use wisely)

#2 Talk into the Night (Don't Flirt With Her)
Try calling her when she's already in bed, crack Jokes, tell her stories, and don't forget to make wishes. The casual pace of a long discussion late into the night quite often prompts something more individual and personal regardless of the possibility that both of you are simply talking amusing toward the begin of the discussion. 
If that isn’t happening already, add a few personal questions in those conversations that’ll steer the conversation into relationships. Topics like relationships, personal stories, and what she likes in a guy will create the perfect setting to make your intentions clear. 

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