Making Money at a younger age is a dream that can still happen if you wake up and get to work, not practically working under someone or helping someone in other to get paid and save for your own.
but all this listed is need for a start so as to save and learn how to boss your own boss
Finding ways to work for yourself is the best way to make money, whether you’re a teenager like me. Entrepreneurs are adventurous and creative, and enjoy the challenge of finding different ways to make money! Most of the money making tips for teenagers on this list are entrepreneurial in spirit, but many involve earning money the old  way.

Things you can do to earn money for the future.

- Help others with their Assignment

- Run errands for people

- Collect bottles or cans door to door. You will earned money as a teen this way, lots of bottles and cans are found in the neighborhood and occasion grounds

- Work in a restaurant or eatery

- Help Share bills and flyers for the community

-Teach seniors and elderly people how to use computers (i earned some cool cash and still earning using this method)

-Ask your older brothers or sisters if they’ll pay you to do work for them. Perhaps you can assist them somehow.

- Save your Lunch Money

- Help Neighbors Sweep and clear weeds around

- Wash Dishes after occasions

-Teach your peers what you know and they don't…and if you’re a teen with money management skills, you can teach other teens how to save and reach their financial goals

- Help deliver news papers and magazines

and above all this have the mindset of a millionaire

always have this in  mind I will be a multi millionaire in young age


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