By usman Okai Austin

Governor Bello has no respect for known law and due process in his styles of leadership and appointments. He is a dictator and rules with impunity. 

Recall that Professor Danladi Musa, Provost Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa was suspended by Bello since last year and well over 7 months.

Professor Danladi's offence that earned him the illegal suspension from Office as Provost was because he paid one month salary from the College IGR to suffering "2015 employees" whose appointments Governor Bello wickedly tagged "political patronage". 

Recall that these categories of staff have not been paid their salaries for the past 9 months and they have been working and suffering.

After suspending Professor Danladi for the above frivolous excuse, his Deputy, Dr Onimisi was asked to step in as Acting Provost pending the determination of the issue surrounding the suspension.

The civil and public service rules in Nigeria emphasize that if a public servant is suspended from duty or office, such officer will only be entitled to half of his or her salary pending the determination of the case which is expected to be dispensed with within 6 months from the date of the suspension.

Governor Bello in his usual impunity directed that Prof Danladi should not be paid the half salary that he is entitled to. Since he is on Leave of Absence from the Kogi State University, Anyigba, it means that he was equally not expecting salary from there. Meaning that, Prof. Danladi has been surviving without salary for over 6 months now. This is wickedness of the highest order.

Just yesterday, probably due to the pressured protest over the exposed nepotism of Bello's Ebira agenda most especially from the glaring list of the heads of tertiary institutions and members of the governing councils which he inaugurated yesterday, Bello has yet again in his dictatorial styles committed another act of impunity by announcing the appointment of another Acting Provost for the College to take over from Dr Onimisi.

In fact, the announcement of the appointment of Dr Jibrin as the new Acting Provost  was made in a military style at the venue of the inauguration of the Governing Council for the tertiary institutions. 

This announcement surprised everyone including Dr Onimisi the Deputy Provost and the Acting Provost who mobilized the entire College community to Lokoja for the inauguration of members of the Governing Council. This is a total embarrassment not only to the College but to the tertiary institutions community in the state and Nigeria at large.

The newly appointed Acting Provost Dr Jibrin, who hailed from Ankpa LGA  is also a Senior Lecturer with Kogi State University,  Anyigba.

Because Bello thrives on the path of impunity and nepotism, that is why in an attempt to cover up his action he ends up committing another blunder inimical to the deteriorating image of his administration. 

Why Is Bello appointing another new Acting Provost for the College when the case of the suspended Provost has not been decided? What is the offense of the Acting Provost Dr Onimisi who to all intents and purposes should have remained the authentic acting Provost before this illegal appointment to cover his nepotistic agenda?  Why did Bello refuse to place Prof Danladi on half salary as demanded by law? Why did Bello refuse to arraign Prof Danladi before a panel to give him fair hearing as required by due process?

If this impunity is allowed to stand, Bello will do worse thing than this even to Dr Jibrin. 

The integrity of Dr Jibrin is on trial here. I call on him to reject this illegal appointment which I consider as Greek gift. The appointment is illegal and must be rejected. Let Dr Onimisi return to his seat as Acting Provost...... Bello should do the needful by following due process in the so called disciplinary action against the Provost - Prof. Danladi with the view to properly disengaging or exonerating him as the case may be.

That is the right thing that should be done against the dictatorial act of impunity of the appointment of "Acting" "Acting" Provost for the dying College.